Konkow Partners proudly announce.....

West Coast Function Fest

April 5th, 6th and 7th, 2019

Please join the Konkow Partners as we welcome this Cultural Gathering to the sacred space that is Lake Concow Campground. See West Coast Function Fest tab above,  for event info and registration.

Konkow Egg Hunting

April 21st, 2019 at 11:00 am Potluck Picnic

       12:00 pm Egg Hunt

We will be gathering again for one of our favorite events. The big Konkow Egg Hunt at Lake Concow Campground. This is a free community potluck. Grab a basket for your eggs and some food to share and goooooo.....

Buckeye Gathering

April ______ thru _____, 2019

We will be welcoming the staff and volunteers of the amazing Buckeye Gathering to the sacred Lake Concow Campground for 2 incredible events.

Earth School Gathering

May _____ thru _____, 2019

The Vision of the Earth School Gatherings are to bring people together to connect with the natural world around them. Additional details available at www.fromthegroundupfarms.org.

Sacred Movement

June ____, 2019

Join the Konkow Partners for our 6th Annual Sacred Movement Healing Arts and Music Festival. What an amazing family event that gives everything back to the community. 3 days of music, camping, workshops, food booths and other vendors and a whole lot of community working together.

Your Event???

Can the Konkow Partners announce your upcoming Lake Concow Campground Event?